Driving School

District Court of Morgan County, Alabama

Defensive Driving School Information


  1. A current non-CDL driver's license
  2. Your new charge is a minor moving violation (speeding, running a red light, improper lane change, etc.)
  3. You have not attended driving school in lieu of a guilty verdict (in any jurisdiction) in the last two years



Level 1 Driving School: 3 to 4 hours at an approved driving school provider.

Level 2 Driving School: 6 to 8 hours at an approved driving school provider.

Your level approved by the court will be based upon your driving history and facts related to your current charge (rate of speed, etc.)


If the court grants your request to attend driving school, you may attend any defensive driving school approved by the court. You will be given a return court date. On or before the return date you must present to the District Court Clerk your Certificate of Completion from the school and pay the court costs (typically $202.00). You will not be required to attend court that date if you have already filed said certificate and paid the court costs Upon successful completion of these requirements, your case will be dismissed.


The best way to apply is online on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet at https://traffic.alacourt.gov as soon as possible to avoid having to go to court. Otherwise, you may apply by coming to court on the date listed on your ticket. Unless you receive an order granting your driving school request, you must appear in court on the date listed on your ticket. Failure to appear could result in your driver's license being suspended and a warrant being issued for your arrest.