Circuit & District Civil

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The Circuit Court shall have exclusive original jurisdiction of all civil actions in which the matter in controversy exceeds ten thousand dollars ($10,000, exclusive of interest and costs, and shall exercise original jurisdiction concurrent with the District Court in all civil actions in which the matter in controversy exceeds three thousand ($3,000), exclusive of interests and costs.

Circuit Court also has the authority to hear cases appealed from any courts of limited jurisdiction (i.e. Municipal Courts, Probate Courts and District Courts). These cases will be tried de novo - meaning the case will be tried again and may be tried with or without a jury.

District Civil

NOTE: Changes in court scheduling, although rare, may occur. When in doubt, please contact the Circuit Clerk's Office directly.

Morgan County District Court Judges:
Brent M. Craig
Kevin R. Kusta
Shelly S. Waters



As of July 1, 2006, this Circuit began accepting electronically filed (“e-filed”) motions in civil and domestic relations cases. The Circuit Court Judges have determined that e-filed motions and responses which, either alone or with accompanying exhibits or attachments, exceed 10 letter size pages in length must be reproduced in hard/paper copy for their fair, complete and efficient judicial review and adjudication. Given the continued reduction in clerical staffing, it is a waste of limited human and material resources to require the Clerk or Judicial Assistants to reproduce hard/paper copies of such motions, responses and exhibits.

It is, therefore, ORDERED AND DECREED by the Judges of the Circuit Court for the 8th Judicial Circuit of Alabama, as follows:

  1. If an e-file motion or response to a motion in a civil or domestic relations case exceeds 10 letter size pages in length, inclusive of the motion or response itself and any attachments or exhibits thereto, then the movant or respondent promptly shall submit to the Circuit Judge, who is assigned to the case, a hard/paper copy that duplicates the e-filed motion, response, attachments or exhibits and that is stamped or marked by the movant or respondent as a “e-file duplicate” or “e-file copy”.
  2. The filing date and time of an e-filed motion or response shall be the date and time electronically stamped on the e-filed version of the motion or response.
  3. The filing date and time of an e-filed motion or response, which requires the submission of a hard/paper copy pursuant to this Standing Order, shall be deferred until the duplicate hard/paper copy is submitted to the assigned Circuit Judge.
  4. Any delay by a party in submitting a hard/paper copy of an e-filed motion or response to a motion, as required by this Standing Order, shall not necessarily cause a continuance or delay of a trial or hearing that was noticed prior to the electronic filing of the motion or response.

The Clerk shall file this Standing Order with the minutes and proceedings of this Circuit Court and shall provide copies to the members of the local bar, to the out-of-county attorneys who enter appearances in new civil or domestic cases after the date of this Order, and to the attorneys who electronically files motions in pending civil or domestic relations cases.

DONE this 6th day of September, 2006.

Sherrie W. Paler
Presiding Circuit Judge

Steven E. Haddock
Circuit Judge

Glenn E. Thompson
Circuit Judge

For more information and assistance, call 256-351-4720.

(Move Over Law)

This General Order of this Court dated February 16, 2007 is hereby amended as follows:
It is ordered that the District Clerk of Morgan County is authorized to accept a guilty plea and apply the following pursuant to the current statute on all Move Over Law citations.

  1. Upon plea of guilty by defendant to 1st offense, $25.00 fine and cost.
  2. Upon plea of guilty by the defendant to 2nd offense, $50.00 fine and cost.
  3. Upon plea of guilty by the defendant to 3rd offense, $100.00 fine and cost.

This Clerk shall spread this order upon the Minutes of the District Court of Morgan County.

Done this 12th day of May, 2010.

Shelley Slate Waters
Presiding District Judge

Charles B. Langham
District Judge

Brent M. Craig
District Judge